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Keeps your music collections tidy and better organized and cataloged
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Certain music collections, such as those stored on iTunes or Windows Media, and even the many audio tracks that we tend to scatter around different locations on our PC tend to desync and become hard to organize. Solutery Music Clean Master has been designed to target those specific music collections – and any other tracks stored on your PC – and keep them tagged and organized in a comfortable and automatic way.

The program’s initial window offers specific buttons to scan your iTunes and Windows Media collections as well as to perform a quick scan of your PC in search of loose audio tracks. Alternatively, you can load any number of files from a specific location on your PC or any external storage device. This button works for individual files only (though you can import more than one at a time), but won’t let you select a folder or a subfolder, let alone an entire disk for a custom scan, which is a serious drawback.

The program will then try to identify those files that are duplicates, though it usually fails miserably. The program is supposed to “listen to” your tracks to identify dupes regardless of their filename and other obvious data, but after a few tests, it was clear that no audio comparison whatsoever is made to detect repeated tracks. It will easily detect which of your audio files lack ID3 tags and which of those already tagged need some artwork. The former can be fixed by entering the tags yourself, though be prepared to see those tags disappear as soon as you click on the Save button and move to another track. As for the latter, the app will try to find album artwork for your tagged tracks somewhere on the web, a task that produces – at best – mixed results. The artwork found is assigned automatically, without giving you the chance to choose among the retrieved results the one you like best or simply the right one.

iTunes and Windows Media tracks, which are usually perfectly tagged and classified, are surely less problematic when trying to detect dupes or find the right artwork. If you’re using this app – which is anything but free or inexpensive, by the way – make sure to try it first, just in case. As for all those other tracks you have stored in numerous locations on your PC or storage devices, try something else, as this app seems to be useless when dealing with the average unorganized music collection.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Organizes your iTunes and Windows Media collections
  • Searches for artwork on the Web
  • Automatic ID3 tags


  • Manual ID3 tags are not saved
  • Deletes original file if removed fom the list
  • Fails to detect duplicates
  • Won't import PC drives or folders, only individual tracks
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